A new beginning- My PMD

Hello beautiful people! I'm here with a personal beauty post! I have always wanted to try the PMD (Personal Microderm), but I thought it was rather expensive. However, I thought that, as a performer, it is really important to have good skin while performing, so I thought it would have been a worthy investment! So i took a trip down to Junction 8 at Bishan to purchase one PMD from Clariancy! And yes, I'm really excited to use it!

Step 1: Assemble the necessary components
Step 2: Wash your skin and pat dry
Step 3: Treatment- Pull your skin and glide the machine upwards along your face
Step 4: Wash the black filter to get rid of the dead skin trapped in there
Step 5: Apply toner and moisturizer to maintain skin pH levels and moisture

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What defines good and healthy skin is to first have a healthy body. Eating right is really important for good skin. With good skin, you gain confidence. And confidence is the best beauty tip, I would say :) Enjoy this video by Elle Fowler!

Fancy editorial make ups? Well, this is definitely a look that is totally doable, and has incorporated this season's bright colors! Enjoy!

This is for all you short-hair fashionistas! This video consists of a transformational hairstyle from cute to elegant! This will definitely aid in your transformational outfit as well! From sweet/cute outfit into that formal event outfit!

I must say that this "Bronze Beauty" is a very helpful makeup/skincare tutorial, as you can achieve that tanned skin effect without doing too much harm to your skin! And did I mention, she looks super fabulous and amazing in this video! Go Michelle Phan!

This day to night makeup tutorial is a very important technique, especially for all you office ladies! This also aids in your transformation of outfit from day to night. I feel that this is the simplest tutorial, just intensify your brow, darken your eyeshadows and make it more dramatic! I think that the "tape" technique is super cool, what do you think?

This fishtail braid tutorial is so easy to follow! I got it at the first time watching this tutorial!
I definitely think that this fishtail braid is very versatile, as it can be incorporated into many kinds of outfit!