Friday, March 28, 2014

Lady First Singapore Season 2: 女人我最大(新加坡)第二系列

Hi fashionistas!

I'm sure you guys have heard of Lady First 女人我最大 as a taiwanese fashion/beauty variety show. A Singapore version was premiered in Singapore last year featuring renowned female host Pauline Lan (藍心湄), as seen in the Taiwanese version of the show. Singapore's Lady First also feature our local Superstar female winner Kelly Poon (潘嘉丽). Other celebrity gurus include Kevin, Yi Lin and Xiao Kai ; skincare expert Bryan , make-up maestro Clarence , style guru Keith and hairstyling whiz Ken as celebrity stylists.

This year, after a successful first season, Lady First Singapore will be back on StarHub TV! This fresh and renewed season will premier on 3 June Tuesday 8 pm on channels 111 and 825. And you got it, Pauline Lan will be continuing to host this season as well! Skincare expert Liu Yan will join this season as well! New to the Singapore's team of gurus are celebrity hairstylist Dexter Ng and fitness instructor Jackson Tan. Kelly Poon will also return to lead the Ladies' Team. Joining the Ladies' Team are Lin Cuifang, Lina Ng, Constance Song, Yang Li Bing, Hayley Woo and Rebecca Spykerman. 

The press conference was a very enjoyable experience as host Pauline Lan was cracking up all kinds of jokes and I really am in love with her humour and straight-forwardness :) 

What's new this season is that there is an episode targeted on men, with a new Men's Team, in the episode "The Male Revolution". 

These are the topics that will be covered in this season:
  • Slim Down! Shape Up!
  • Hair Nightmares
  • The Male Revolution
  • The Korean Wave
  • Hairstyles that make men go Ooh la la
  • SOS Quick Fix
  • Online Shopaholics Unite!
  • Thigh-tanic
  • Tropical Winter Fashion
  • Cover Up!
  • Bags attack
  • Forever Young 
  • Queen of Elegance  
And this was what I wore! The theme was smart casual :)

That's all lovelies!

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