Friday, April 12, 2013

Top picks of Spring Couture 2013

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for not posting for such a long long time... It has been so long that I'm embarrassed! Sorry for that! But I'm here to show you my top picks of Spring/Summer couture of 2013. 

Let's start with Dior

I am just in love with the silhouettes Raf Simons created through the dresses! It has a lay-back yet oh-so-refined and glamorous feel to it! It seems almost effortless. The first dress, I feel, is so wearable as it has that perfect A-line silhouette to it. Its monochromatic black  also makes it a perfect LBD (little black dress). Whereas for the second dress, it has that destroyed cinderella-dress feel to it, but yet it looks so glamorous with that peek of black tube top. Last but not least, it's the oscar dress that all female celebrities would love to get their hands on. What drew me to the dress was that unexpected bubble silhouette at the bottom of the dress and the champagne pink color! It hugs the body shape of the model so well too, accentuating her small waist. 

Next is Elie Saab

Elegance is the word for Elie Saab's Spring couture collection. The first dress is a very conservative take on a LWD (little white dress) with a very elegant white cape, giving it a very refined feel. The lace detail on the top of the dress also gives it an unexpected feature while still keeping its elegance. The second dress is a sheer patterned dress. The silhouette is perfect with the A-line bottom and a fitting top. The belt further accentuates the waist, giving it a perfectly tailored fit. The third dress, I would say, is a victorian-influenced dress with the lace patterns. This wedding dress would make any bride stand out from all the others with its structured bottom, accentuating the curves of any bride.

Following this is Ulyana Sergeenko

A-lines are all around Spring couture 2013 that even shorts have A-lines! This can be seen from the first look with a very oriental feel to it through the flower detail of the shorts and the sun hat; almost like a Japanese doll! Its first layer is a plain white jumper while the shorts just gave it a fresh new look with its oriental details. Moving on to the second look, there's actually a number of things going on in this look, we have the puffy sleeves, the A-line skirt and the V-shaped suspenders. Though there's quite a lot going on, the neutral colors beige and grey make it look perfectly fine as if every stand-out features belong there.

Next is Valentino

You guessed it, more A-line silhouettes! The first dress, I feel, is the perfect LWD for people who live in countries that have colder Springs. It has the longs sleeves that will keep you warm all day and night while a short length that would flatter your body shape or long legs. What is special about this dress is also how the material makes it look almost like a structured dress, hence giving it a polished look. The second dress is what I call the perfect Valentino dress. Red is just such a romantic color, while the material of the dress definitely gives it that polished look. Like Dior's, all the female celebrities would love to get their hands on this dress for their Oscar's red carpet look! The last dress is a more conservative take on the A-line silhouette with a laced turtle neck. While it's still conservative with the champagne white color, the pattern detail gives it a more edgy feel, making it still red-carpet ready!

That's all lovelies!

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