Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alexander McQueen Spring Ready-to-wear 2013

Label: Alexander McQueen
Collection: Spring Ready-to-wear 2013
Designer: Sarah Burton
Trend: Bees and Honeycombs

Honeycombs-inspired patterns/prints

The honeycomb motif is prominent throughout the whole fashion show; with circular or near-mosaic patterns/designs. A rather interesting yet innovative print! I mean, who would have thought of honeycombs on clothes?!


The pops of red color and near-to floral prints bring out the oriental feel of the outfit. Then, the belt gives shape to the model; and where the near-peplum feature gives the model even more shape hence accentuating her small waist.

Modernized Victorian Court dresses

I call these modernized Victorian court dresses due to its change in positioning of the different structures. For example, the 'corset' as a statement belt being worn outside of the outfit rather than as an undergarment. And the beautiful translucent material of the bottom is simply gorgeous, which shows the beautiful legs of the models!

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Amie said...

The honeycomb concept is so cool! The first four outfits are gorgeous!