Sunday, October 14, 2012

H&M's Dressing Room: Comfy Chic

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Comfy Chic

Get comfy and warm this fall with this chic ensemble. The emphasis is on the colors beige, blue and black; all neutral colors! 

Items used:

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alexander McQueen Spring Ready-to-wear 2013

Label: Alexander McQueen
Collection: Spring Ready-to-wear 2013
Designer: Sarah Burton
Trend: Bees and Honeycombs

Honeycombs-inspired patterns/prints

The honeycomb motif is prominent throughout the whole fashion show; with circular or near-mosaic patterns/designs. A rather interesting yet innovative print! I mean, who would have thought of honeycombs on clothes?!


The pops of red color and near-to floral prints bring out the oriental feel of the outfit. Then, the belt gives shape to the model; and where the near-peplum feature gives the model even more shape hence accentuating her small waist.

Modernized Victorian Court dresses

I call these modernized Victorian court dresses due to its change in positioning of the different structures. For example, the 'corset' as a statement belt being worn outside of the outfit rather than as an undergarment. And the beautiful translucent material of the bottom is simply gorgeous, which shows the beautiful legs of the models!

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Shoe Series #1: French-tip heels

Hey fashionistas!

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, but I'm back with a new series: SHOE SERIES

I will be picking new shoes for every post for this series, and create an outfit based on that pair of shoe! I hope you will enjoy this series! 

And we shall kick off this series with the "French-tip heels"!

What are French-tip heels?

They are high-heeled shoes that feature a front region that is of a different shade of color, mostly contrasting color of the other parts of the shoe. It is just like a french-nail! I think it is a very clever design as it creates structure to whatever you wear. It also creates interest especially if the 'french-tip' is of a very shocking or surprising color, like neon colors! Alright, let's get on to the outfit I created for a french-tip heel.

This outfit is built upon the color combination of beige and black, it is suitable for work and of course, formal events.

Shoe featured by Gianvito Rossi

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Hey fashionistas!

I'm here with an exciting announcement of the new commencement of

The Dark Horse is the online destination for coveted designer and artisan jewellery from around the world.

A fun edit of celebrity brands including House of Harlow 1960Low Luv by Erin WassonBelle NoelCC Skye & Wildfox are meticulously mixed back with cult labels like Jacquie AicheSuzannah Wainehouse and Monserat De Lucca plus local cool kids Sarah & Sebastian.

The best thing about is the service. Not only do they gift box every item you purchase, no matter how big or small, the site offer a take home lay-by service for purchases over $100. 

'Lay-by in the traditional sense meant you have to wait weeks before the item is paid off, the you finally get to bring it home,' explained Aleen Apanian, founder of the site, 'A lot of the times customers will forget about their lay-bys, or lose excitement of their purchase. My take home lay-by means you can pay off your purchase while you wear it, and it is a more budget conscious way of owning a special piece of jewellery.'

Upon check out, the customer pays a 30% deposit, with the remainder of the purchase amount to be paid over a 4 week period.  said Apanian, 'As well as providing service of convenience, the take home lay-by system is about building a trusting relationship between my customers and I. I want to let them know they can enjoy their purchase now and pay me back later, like any good friend would!'

Here are my top picks:


These rings are super unique! I love how they added a dimension to the ring in the sober/drunk and married/single rings! They're just awesome! Because c'mon, why would you want to say it yourself when your ring can do it for you! This is by Monserat de Lucca.

I just love double finger rings! I think they are so cool and adds an edge to your overall look, don't you think? This is by House of Harlow

Who could hate a simple yet diverse ring? Wear on this ring for every outfit you can think of, and it will always work! This is by Feliks and Adrik.

I think this ring is a very intricate piece, where it will instantly jazz up your outfit if you wear it on! This is by Low Luv

I really love this ring as it is rather rare to see V-shaped rings! I think it's edgy and a statement ring, which jazzes up a simple neutral outfit like a simple Shirt and jeans! This is by Jacquie Aiche.

And don't you think this asymmetrical diamond-shaped ring is just so fun? It goes against the conventional diamond shape, and who would have thought an asymmetrical diamond-shaped ring could look so perfect! You can also wear it as a statement ring! This is designed by Kim Kardashian in her collection Belle Noel.


This is my fave! As you all know, I play the violin, and this necklace just speaks so much about me! (Though i hoped the bow was designed more accurately ;) ) This is by Monserat de Lucca

This one is also by Monserat de Lucca. It is a very intricate instant film/polaroid camera design. Though it's dainty, but it just speaks so much about your love for film photos and cameras!

This necklace is just so bold and edgy in its design that it can turn any muted outfit into something loud and make a statement! This is by House of Harlow.

This armor piece just stood up so much to me as it is a very creative design! It is a necklace AND a dress piece, which will convert your boring ole' dress/skirt into an embellished one. This is simply genius! This is by Armor.

Let's not forget about the sweet and lovely designs for couples. "He who holds the key can unlock my heart" How sweet can this be!? Buy this as a gift for valentine's day because it's simply so sweet! This is by Wildfox.


I simply adore chain bracelets! I especially love this piece because of its lovely and beyond perfect color combination pink and golden. It is certainly a very girly piece especially with the pearls in the middle of the golden chains. I love everything about this piece! This is by Wildfox.

Simple design, black and golden, simply classic and adds a somewhat tribal feel to it with all the golden embellishments. Wear this on to add to the boho look of your outfit, it will be perfect! This is by House of Harlow.

I simply love the design and color of this bracelet. It has blue, pink and neon yellow! It certainly adds a pop of color into your outfit. Depending on the color scheme of your outfit, it might turn into a statement piece if it contrasts! This is by CC Skye. 

All in all, I love the interface of the website; how it is easy to navigate through and of course its mode of payment, which is something like paying in installment, simply awesome!

That's all lovelies