Thursday, April 26, 2012

OOTD and shopping 26/4/12

Hey fashionistas! 

Just an update after a long break due to exams :)

Today was the last day for the subject I was most worried for- History... Yes... history... but it's over! Wooooooo! And I felt so happy after that 50 minutes paper, and decided to have a "sisters' day" with my elder sister Jeanne. Since she was also in need to get a new wallet :)

Let's start with my outfit today:

I was in a rush while putting this outfit together as I intended to meet up with my sister and mum at 12:30pm, but was only able to reach home at 12 to get changed and wash up. So, I was under stress putting this outfit together! I knew I wanted to wear my white tailored shorts from H&M today, and was determined to do so... So I tried to gather all my basic tops and decided on the grey one from ZARA. After having the top and bottom decided, I felt it was lacking something to hold the outfit together; a belt. So I was searching through my closet for different belts that I can pair with. I started with a red-colored belt initially, but I felt it did not quite hold the outfit together, and then I looked through my closet again and found this belt with golden details. The moment I set eyes on it, I was determined on fitting this into my outfit. 

The result turned out to be amazing. Therefore, I decided to play with the idea of golden accents, making the belt as the highlight of the outfit. I paired it then with silver jewelry and a white/silver bag from Charles & Keith, to accentuate the gold even more. 

Next was what we got from today's shopping trip:

Firstly, what my sister got:

A renoma wallet! Trust me, we spent half day looking for that perfect wallet for my sister. She was so picky! Just kiddin'. It is very important to get what you really set your eyes on and not regret afterwards. For us, we came up with 10 reasons she should get this. The most important reasons were that it was classy and affordable as there was a discount (Singaporean kiasu bonus)! WOooooooooo~ I was also very impressed with their stitching and their affordability! 

Next was what I got:

Which one did you think I got? 

The brown one! I thought that classy backpacks were absent in my closet, and thought that I should have one soon! We passed by Charles & Keith in ION Orchard and I fell in love with it, both colors! Though there was only white and brown, I really thought for literally half an hour to decide on which one to get! I later figured that the brown one would be more versatile, and the reason the white one looked better was because I was wearing white shorts (which is not a really common color in my closet ;)) Therefore, I decided on the brown one. It also proved an easy task for maintenance as white fabric/material tend to turn dusty/dirty easily!

Next was a pair of "friendship" band we got as sisters! This was from Toa Payoh's IP event. We were attracted to the idea of customizable charm for the bracelets, and so we chose our favorite charms and got the same colored bands for the shopkeeper to help put them together. My sister got a "key" charm while I got the lock:

Do you like it? :)

Oh yes, almost forgot. I was choosing between the two colors of the boater shoes from Charles & Keith. You probably realize that I am a big fan for C&K by now :)

 Should I get the blue one or the white one?

That's all lovelies!


Jojo's diary said...

Glad your back! History is hard for me too and it's kinda boring (Shh you didn't hear it from me lol). I love the stuff you guys got from the shopping trip. The backpack is adorable, might consider getting one before I graduate. I think you should get the white shoe since it looks cute and it would look great on your outfit. Can't wait to hear more from you.

XO Jojo

Alina Anghel said...

those shorts are amazing! super cute blog! xx

Kelly Dillon said...

cute outfit! love your shorts :)

GlamorousGirl said...

very chic :)