Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Casual Concert Outfit

Hey fashionistas!

Casual Concert Outfit

As you know I bought a pair of gren-colored jeans and I have been wondering what to pair them with. So I logged into ASOS.com to try to match a pair of green jeans, and here is the finish product! As you can see, it's really casual, or at least not too formal. You can see that I added subtle formal pieces like the Chanel handbag and that pair of sparkling sky-high pumps! Or perhaps just a pair of sandals for an alternative to really keep it casual. Then I found that a bun-up hair would really match the outfit. 

Heading out before the concert? No problem, just put on a pair of shades and you are ready to go! I am heading to Marina Square later to run some errands and then watching 'Wicked' the Musical later at 7.30pm at MBS! Catch me there if you are too!

That's all lovelies!

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