Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to Basics

Hey fashionistas!

I was in Orchard Road area this afternoon, and I had a little little small haul :) Ranging from Zara, Guess and H&M! Today, my focus was on basic pieces, namely plain shirts, checkered shirts and jeans. I've also added my other recent purchases in this post, hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: It's really really small, so just bear with me for a while, alright!

From ZARA 

I have been trying to find the best-fitting basic tee in Singapore, but it was to no avail. And finally, my eyes sparked when these tees were hanging on the racks in ZARA! And to my surprise, it's not expensive at all! I chose grey and coral blue since I lack those colors in my wardrobe. I am looking forward to the outfits I can create with these tees! EXCITED!


YES, finally a colored pair of jeans! Yep, this is from GUESS, and I really look forward to the different outfits I can create with this pair of jeans! Definitely basic pieces like the ones on top!

From H&M

This is my favorite purchase today. It is a short-sleeved checkered blouse! I think this is a very versatile fashion piece as it can be belted, tucked in, buttoned up or belted at the waist-line! This would be paired best with a pair of jeans, destroyed or not :) OR, try on a skirt for a texture mix!


This was a recent purchase from It is a parka and I really love how the hood of this parka has a checkered design! And I also love how this parka can make my waist look more defined thanks to its built-in belt that can be tightened or loosened at the waist area! I would wear this as an outerwear of a dress, as the tail-detail at the back really elongates my legs, and of course I have to show that, right? :)

From Forever21

Alright, I know, this is not a fashion item, BUT it is essential! This tool is to remove dead skin from your feet! As you can see from the second picture above, the grey side of this tool is basically a stone that exfoliates your feet, especially your heel area! Then, the grating-looking side from the first picture above acts as a scraper for intense exfoliating. All these for $2! Seriously guys, get it from Forever21@Somerset313!


This was an emergency purchase for a performance at a wedding! However, I wanted this type of pumps for the longest time! Since I knew about Christian Louboutin :) I love how the heel is not too short or too tall, as I am quite tall myself, so wearing sky-high heels will just make me look like a giant on stilts! Anyway, I really liked the design of this pair of pumps as it has a subtle "v" shape towards the toes, which further elongates my feet the right way :) 

That's all lovelies!

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Felicia Chai said...

the guess jean is so nice..loving it