Friday, March 2, 2012

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012

Label: Alexander McQueen
Designer: Sarah Burton
Theme of Runway: Fall and Drama
Trend: Witty Belts
Music: Mystifying Pop-Beat music

Constrained and imprisonment

First two looks: The dull nature of the color of the outfit portrays a deadly aura, especially with the laced-up boots, where the sense of being constrained is felt even more prominent. The thick but greatly-tailored material of the outfit portrays perhaps a sense of being burdened. With the gold hardwares of the belt, the idea of being chained is rather prominent. Set in the background of autumn leaves, the sense of death is once again emphasized.


The runway turns progressively more light-hearted portrayed through the light-weight material (like lace) of the outfits and bright patterns. The shoes, too, are progressively more breathable and less constraining. This could be to present the transition towards the fall. 

Gorgeous Belts

The belt was the best feature of the runway in my opinion. It is adaptable and transitional to all kinds of outfit, from the "deadly" ones like the first few looks to these chic outfits. Its design focuses on the golden hardwares, which provides a structure to the outfits and ties the pieces together. 

Evening Dresses

The evening dresses are amazing. It transforms the conventional docility sensed through evening dresses to a more edgy and sophisticated feel through the leather gloves and, of course, the belt. Though lace is being used to create these outfits, but there is little sense of docility and femininity felt, it is rather more extrovert.

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