Saturday, February 4, 2012

Singapore's Chingay Festival 2012

Hey fashionistas!

Chingay festival is a unique Singapore festival where many companies and associations present their floats on a street, presenting our multi-cultural culture :) This year, 2012, the theme is "love, care and kindness everywhere" with its feature of a 360m waterway. This outfit that I've created revolves around the theme of "water" and renaissance.

Chingay Outfit 2012

In this outfit, the main piece is the blue dress by Fendi. It has a very seventies feel to it, hence inspiring the theme of renaissance. So I paired it up with matching accessories, for example, the suede boots, vintage-style bag(right) or satchel (left) and a fedora. The kitten-heeled shoe in the middle accentuates the style of the seventies, featuring geometrical designs and colors. I feel that the blue-crystal necklace is a bonus add-on to this outfit, as it really brings out the seventies vibe, and it really matches the dress!

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