Friday, February 24, 2012

Juicy Couture Spring 2012

Hey fashionistas!

Juicy Couture has revealed their Spring 2012 collection!
Here are my top picks:

We’ve incorporated elevated fabrications and sophisticated details for a fresh, sexy take on classics,  says Nealz. “This is such a fun ancreative brand to work on and this collection is just the beginning of an exciting future for Juicy Couture.

Simple, Sophisticated, Sexy, Surprising and Sleek are just the right words to describe this collection! Juicy Couture has gone beyond the standard tracksuit designs, and brought it to a whole new level. JC has introduced 'design' into tracksuits! Work out in the most stylish way in these tracksuits. Style will never be compromised ever again for sports! 

Sophistication is presented through the sleek but simple design, while the crochet portrays the femininity in all women. And notice how the trenches, parkas and blazers, though retaining its class, have all been upgraded into pieces that presents an attitude.

That's all lovelies!

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