Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recreate Alexander McQueen's clutch ft. Julieg713

Hey fashionistas!

Alright, so I'v been subscribed to Julieg713 for about 2-3 years, and has been her fan since! She is super nice and has been successful in her field of beauty that she even has her own nail polish line! How awesome is that?! She features a fashion video almost every week, named "Fashion Friday". This year 2012, she has revamped her fashion friday, and I am loving her first episode already! 

Ever wanted a McQueen ring clutch, but you just couldn't afford it because it's just so super expensive? Well, this should work for you, if you are not after McQ's brand, but just its design/concept of a ringed-clutch. I myself think it's a very creative and pragmatic idea! Watch this video then!

Definitely check "Julieg713" out on youtube!

That's all lovelies!

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