Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Party 2011

Hey fashionistas!

Yes, it is the 30th of December 2011, which makes tomorrow New Year's Eve. I'm very sure each of you fashionistas have your own wishes and dreams/goals for next year... Well, so do I :) I'd like to dedicate this outfit to all you fashionistas who are going to attend to parties tomorrow :)

New Year's Eve 

This outfit is very classy and, as you can see, features one of the trends next Spring/Summer 2012: fur. A long classy dress is a must for a party. With this dress, you are sure to be the focus in that party! Why not pair it with some heels? As this dress goes all the way down to the ankle (or a little bit more), pairing a pair of heels will instantly heighten you, and also betters your posture. The fur trend is featured on the bag and the neck scarf. Faux fur doesn't only keep you warm, but it also acts as an accessory to elevate your look, and make you look more sophisticated. Wear a couple of rings to accentuate the grandeur of this outfit, and finally a pair of diamond earrings!

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That's all lovelies!

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