Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Days to Christmas: Shopping with girls

Hey fashionistas,

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, was away in Seoul Korea, and experienced my first snow! :) I want to present to you a series "Days to Christmas", posting different outfits for different events. Today, I will start with Shopping. Shopping is the best thing to do, especially before Christmas, as there will be sales everywhere! 

5 Days to Christmas: Shop

This chic yet simple outfit gives you the most comfort indoors and outdoors! As we are layering the plain top on our plaid collared shirt, you can remove that layer anytime and still look great! Due to the weather, moisturizer is a must, I've paired Bliss's moisturizer into this outfit as it is vital! The across-body bag complements the plaid pattern, as well as the plain top. It gives a almost-vintage look, but yet modern and casual. The choice of the ankle boots and the sandals is given, as not all girls/women are comfortable with high-heels for an all-day shopping trip. Sandals are safe and looks great with the outfit as well! Finally, top this outfit up with a beanie, one of the trends this winter under 'hats'! And for those who lives in sunny countries, a pair of wayfarers will never go wrong.

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That's all lovelies!

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