Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 days to Christmas: Date with your Beau

Hey fashionistas!

This is the 4 days to Christmas outfit. Get ready for you date!

4 Days to Christmas: Date

In this outfit, I went for simplicity. You can throw on a dress, a jacket and just leave your house, but still look chic. Bring along your festive bag, preferably one with a bright color, like this red gel-padded bag large enough to carry your phone, your wallet, and perhaps a mini umbrella. It sure is going to be cold somewhere, unless you are spending time with him at her house, so throw on a opaque leggings that are thick enough to protect your legs from the winter. In addition, a perfectly designed heeled laced boots will amp up your outfit. Accessories are, of course, optional, and there is no harm bring along a cotton scarf. Tie it on your bag as decoration, or wear it when it gets chilly. Have fun at your date!

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