Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Days to Christmas: Sister Day

Hey fashionistas!

Today, I present to you a day out with your siblings. In my case, it would be my dear sister who is always there for me. Though I may irritate her quite a bit sometimes, but she still loves me and will always do. She never forgets her family, a very sensitive good girl, though rebellious sometimes :P We are going on a day out today to Nex and Orchard, hope to catch you there!

3 Days to Christmas: Sista

In this outfit, I went for a neutral-color-inspired look. A black and white top and a brown, white and black knitted cardigan. A Chanel bag can never go wrong, but will always catch the right attention with the right outfit. This color palette of this outfit complements quite perfectly with the Chanel bag, accentuating its gold-Chanel logo. Of course, if you are in the colder countries, you certainly have to add a pair of leggings, indoors or not. For the shoes, high heels seemed to be the best choices for this outfit. So I paired a casual-looking canvas heeled-shoe, with another option of a spiked-high heel. It definitely elevates this outfit, from a good-girl look to an edgy, sophisticated look.

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