Friday, December 23, 2011

2 Days to Christmas: Preparations for Party

Hey fashionistas!

Just came back home from my string camp rehearsal. 2 more days to Christmas! ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED? Today, I present to you a casual outfit for you to feel comfortable indoors and outdoors, to do your last few days of preparation for, perhaps a party you are going to have on Christmas!

2 Days to Christmas: Prep

In this outfit, the basic pieces are the top and the track pants. These are ideal at home, perhaps going up and down the ladder to stick some decoration/ornaments, or to fit that bright shining star on top of your Christmas tree! Whatever it is, there are bound to have things to buy as you lack them, or perhaps just for some grocery shopping. On the way out your doorstep, put on a coat or a thick-enough jacket to keep yourself warm. Then, throw on your favorite beanie for extra warmth! Lastly, put on some covered shoes, so that your toes are protected from the chills, like a pair of flats, or, if you need some height, a pair of heeled ankle boots. 

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That's all lovelies!

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