Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Outfits via ASOS 3/11/11

Hey fashionistas!

Though it's not winter in Singapore (well, it has never been), but I think I am capable of putting a winter outfit together just for you guys who are in countries that have the four seasons, and all you who are planning to go to a winter country this holiday! I hope this outfit will inspire you in whatever ways :)

Winter 2011

I have put together some of the main trend of fall/winter this year (2011), namely the collages. Remember to wear leggings to protect your legs from freezing. And with leggings, you can feel free to wear even your shortest dress/skirt. You can never go wrong with leggings during winter, trust me!

That's all lovelies!

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noral.gail41 said...

Oh my goodness! Your outfits are just fantabulous. I love those boots and leather leggings. Well, I am willing to buy pattern leggings for winter workouts. I wonder if you have any collections for pattern bottoms. If yes, please share link.