Friday, November 11, 2011

The GUESS Experience

Hey fashionistas!

Just came back from Guess@Paragon. I was invited to attend a fashion-bloggers event organized by GUESS, and I admit I was excited for it :) We bloggers were entitled to try on a total of 2 pairs of jeans and choose 1 to bring home, all in accordance to GUESS Denim Campaign's Try To Win! Contest for fashion bloggers. Other than that, we were also entitled to a GUESS headphone! Not a bad quality one too! *JACKPOT*

Note: Public will be entitled to receive a pair of GUESS headphones with a trying of 3 jeans + photos taken. The best photo taken would be entitled to win a 1-year supply (1 pair per month) of GUESS jeans! Oh! Not to forget to include an interesting caption!

So, as I first walked into GUESS, the music was booming loud (was there only for this event), and there was even a DJ. I was greeted by many of their staff, (+ point) all wearing their headphones, and with a plaid shirt and jeans, they looked and were really really friendly (+ point). 

When I walked towards the denim area, which was to the left from the entrance, I was asked if I could use any help (+ point). So I asked what the smallest size was (it is 24), and told her what kinds of cut I am inclined towards (straight and bootcut). The jeans that she picked were of really good quality (+ point) (all priced above $100), and in a blink of an eye, we had already chosen 3 pieces. It would have taken wayyy longer if I were to choose it myself. And since she is a staff there, she knew what the lastest ones were, and directed me towards them (+ point). 

She brought me to the fitting room just a few steps from the denim area and carefully hung up all the jeans I have chosen (+ point). As I wanted to try on the jeans, I had to take off my shoe, but my feet were greeted by cold flooring/tiles, it was a bit uncomfortable even though I got used to it quite quickly. (- point) While I was changing, she thoughtfully asked whether the size fitted (+ point) (unfortunately I overestimated my small waist, I needed a size 25 :P) After trying on all the jeans, I was so inclined towards Starlet Straight-cut, as it was black (versatile) and comfortably loose. However, I thought I looked a bit sloppy from the spaciousness of the jeans, so I was debating between Brittney (Slim-cut) and Starlet.

Note: When she first attended to me, she had no knowledge that I was a fashion blogger, so I was attended as a public customer (+ point)

When I went out to have my pictures taken (was required for the event), the staff there, including the photographers, suggested that Brittney suited me more (+ point). Oh yes, speaking of that, when I was about to have my picture taken for Brittney, I asked if I could try on their shoes. Surprisingly to me, they did not ask what kind or what type of shoes I wanted to try BUT the pair she chose was lovely! It's just like your own personal stylist! (+ point) The pair of platform heels were miraculously comfortable and easy to walk in, one of the best platform shoes I have ever worn! (+ point) I swear, if I have my own earnings, I would buy that pair of platform heels. It was just really really lovely :)

Oh! Here are some pictures they took, or I took. It was really creative for them to have polaroids :)

The picture below is a picture of the photographer with Outlaw GUESS jeans! :) He is a very friendly photographer :) (+ point)

The music played were all very upbeat, which included Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger", Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream", Far East Movement's "Rocketeer", Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me" and others. Though I really need to say the music was too loud for my delicate and sensitive ears :( (- point).

Anyway, when I was browsing through the store, I found really nice pieces of clothing! Those that really appeal to me, you know, which drove me to go towards them to take another look at the clothing :) (+ point

At last, I decided on Brittney, as it really flattered me, especially when worn with a pair of platforms!

Overall feel: 13/15
Service: 10/10


After the event, I met up with my mum and went to H&M! I am really excited about the Versace for H&M collection! :) This is what I got today. The blue basic dress from H&M.

Thank you Andrea for inviting me to this excellent event :)

Pictures are taken by me :)

That's all lovelies!

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