Friday, October 28, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #11: Pair the Posh

Hey fashionistas,

Have you ever bought a really expensive/posh-looking bag, but you were unable to find a suitable event to bring to, or what kind of outfits to pair with? Well, I will now give you some tips to solve this problem :)

Let's start off by showing you some Posh-looking bags, you are gonna love them.

Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes are all widely-recognized handbag labels.

The questions are: how do you make full use of it? Where should you bring it to? What should you pair it with?

I just got a Valentino Rudy "gel-quilted" handbag with gold details as a present, and on the day I received it, what went on in my mind was possible outfits and events/venues I can bring it to. And I thought: You can never go wrong if it is paired with a suitable outfit, no matter where you are going. 

Some tips for you, pair it with an outfit that features the important colors of your bag, mine would be gold and black. Another tip is to pair it with a hat or a head-scarf, as they mostly jazz up every outfit, elevating the "classiness" of your overall look, and also to accentuate your precious precious bag. 

I've put together an outfit for all the bags shown above, take a look! The looks include formal/casual outfits.

Jimmy Choo #1

Louis Vuitton #1

Chanel #1

Hermes Birkin #1

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