Saturday, October 22, 2011

Health tip #1

Episode 1: Anti-inflammatory Diet tips

Hey guys! So, I am a loyal subscriber of "popsugartvfit", and I find that their workout exercises are not only easy but also doable. I just watched this video, where they feature anti-inflammatory diet tips by Wellness Guru: Dr. Andrew Weil. Not sure what is inflammatory? 

Inflammatory: relating to or causing inflammation of a part of the body.
Inflammation: A localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, esp. as a reaction to injury or infection.

A very good example of inflammation would be Acne Vulgaris, a very common skin disease. Alright, let's move on to the diet tips. This is wholly a transcription of what the doctor has said, I do not own anything mentioned in the following section:

  • -       Reduce consumption of refined, processed, and manufactured food
  • -       Replace these with whole-grain natural food
  • -       Consume 40-50% calories as much as carbohydrates
  • -      Consume more beans, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, whole grains (excludes whole-wheat bread)
  • -       Avoid Flour as it promotes inflammation
  • -       The more you get them out of your system, the more you moderate inflammation
  • -       Add healthy fats: olive oil
  • -       Consume fruits and vegetables, lemon
  • -       Anti-inflammatory agents: Ginger, turmeric, yellow spice (~2g a day/teaspoon)
  • -       Omega-3: Fish, fish oil supplement (4g a day), eat fish 4 times a week
  • -       Get regular physical activities, good rest and sleep, have a few methods of stress-reduction
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