Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turn on Vintage

Hey fashionistas!

I'm really into "vintage" recently, thinking back of what happened in the fashion world in the 60s to 80s really interests me. Just to share a cool store in Bras Basah Complex, located on the third floor, a store named "Cat Socrates". You really have to check it out, though it has really little vintage clothing, but the accessories and little gadgets are definitely worth the time to look at. 

I also created an outfit via ASOS titled "Vintage Road Trip", hope you like it!

Vintage Road Trip

In this outfit, I have incorporated this fall's trends, namely the sixties minutes and psychedelic fur coats. Picture this, you are sitting on the side-seat of the driver (probably your boyfriend) driving a convertible. Along this sandy road, you are in this outfit and having the time of your life. Throw on that pair of sunglasses when there is too much sun, or throw on that fur gilet when it turns chilly. That pair of boots is a must for the adventurous you.

That's all lovelies! 

Checkout my Boutique at ASOS:

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