Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #9: Rock it out!

Hi fashionistas!

I am going to talk about "rock" style today. Just think about it for a second, what do you think of when I say "rock"? You will probably think of metal, electric and probably black. Well, these are the elements a "rock" style should have then, isn't it? In this post I will feature clothing from, an online clothing store featuring D&G, Versace, McQ, Juicy couture and many more.

Let's start with leather/bomber jackets.

They all feature at least some gold/silver metal elements, and what I like best are the denim/sweatshirt ones, as they are very easy to pair with other materials. Also, they are less edgy/loud. I'd love to take outfits into a more "low profile" 

As we are done with the top, let's move on to the bottoms! Similarly, I would go for denim instead of leather, again, to portray a milder feel

What about shoes? Well, go for studs! Best if it's a pair of boots, definitely a masculine element, right?
This could be a perfect "rock" shoes

That's all dearies!

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