Monday, August 8, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #10: "SAT" Test for style

This is an original post inspired by "How to be a Budget Fashionista" Chapter 4 "Finding your personal style"

Hey Fashionistas!

Here is a test on what could most likely be your personal style :) Just take out any random piece of paper of just somewhere to jot down or note down your answers a, b or c.

Q1) What, of the following lines, best describe you?
a. casual, love sports, boyish
b. dynamic, versatile, trendsetter, trend-observer
c. quiet, indifferent, conservative, keeps to yourself

Q2) What would you wear as an outfit if you have an unlimited budget?
a. An Adidas jersey/top with a Timberland gilet, a Nike tennis skirt and a pair of Puma trainers
b. A Juicy Couture top, a pair of mini-skirt, a Burberry trenchcoat/John Galliano fur coat, and a pair of Christian Louboutin platform heels
c. A Marc-Jacobs T-shirt, Levis Jeans and a pair of Converse shoes

Q3) What would be the worst gift ever?
a. A set of MAC full make-up set
b. An outfit your enemy owns
c. A shirt that reads "I'm that hot bitch"

Q4) Dream vacation's destination?
a. Germany
b. Milan, New York
c. Denmark

Q5) What would be the best gift ever?
a. A $100 "World of sports" shopping voucher
b. A $100 Hautelook credits voucher
c. A $100 book store voucher

Q6) What would be your favorite shopping destination?
a. Just local/neighborhood fashion stores will do
b. Orchard Road~ Duh...
c. Don't really shop

Q7) What would be that perfect date?
a. Soccer and arcade gaming
b. A shopping spree fully paid by the other
c. Just a stroll along the beach will do just fine

Q8) What would be your type of shoes?
a. Probably sneakers/trainers/slippers
b. High-heels/Wedges
c. A strapped sandal/flip flops will do

Q9) Who would you rather be with now?
a. My soccer partner/buddy
b. My boyfriend (If I have one)
c. Family

Q10) What would the outfit that you hate most consist of?
a. High heels, complicated designer pieces, big chunks of jewelleries
b. A piece of clothing costing less than $5, patterns that do not go together, ballet stockings
c. Real leather jackets with fur features, mini-skirts, revealing tops

Mostly As: Sporty, active, casual
Trust me, this is not bad at all. Let what you are shine through your clothing and how you present yourselves. Sometimes, you might just want to break through and try on something new, because it's never bad to try on new things, right? However, you still try to focus more on comfort and freedom in your own movements. Your ideal outfit is of the menswear, don't be afraid to try on checkered button-downs (belted at waist area) with a pair of jeans, then top it up with a flat cap and a pair of sneakers. Try out Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Gap for higher-end clothing shopping!

Mostly Bs: Trendy, feminine, edgy
Hey my friend! I believe you are like me, always observing the runway trends, always wanting to own higher-end clothing, right? Perhaps your financial side is weighing you down, and you might not afford those higher-end clothing... but fear not! Because style is in you... You are trendy. You are edgy. You are a great stylist. Trust your instincts in putting outfits together, it will never go wrong. Read high-end fashion magazines like Vogue, Style or Bazaar to broaden your knowledge on fashion and style, who knows? You might just get inspirations from them, like I did :) I trust your fashion sense :) Rock every outfit girl!

Mostly Cs: Conservative, toned-down
Hey girl! Trust me, everyone wants to be like you, always calm, always doing the right thing. Though you might be conservative, but you can still scream yourself out through your clothing! You might be conservative, but what is inside of that? That, is what you should bring out, because that is you! I'm quite sure you are a fan of classic colors like black, white, taupe, brown, grey. This is not bad at all! You just have to know what color goes well with what color, and in your case, it's simple because most colors go well with each other! Try this one day: A black top, a taupe cropped jeans, a fedora and a pair of camper boots. Tell me how it went :)

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