Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Shopping Guide (Singapore Ver.)

Hey fashionistas!

It's going to be fall, as you could probably feel the heat slowly going down, even here in Singapore. And what do you know, it's our Fall school holidays (Sept. hols)! It's time to firstly study for your EOYs, and secondly, enjoy your shopping break! Do manage your time well too though :) With good results come great career opportunities, means more shopping funds! :)

Alright, so taking from, vogue's online fashion site, this fall trends are as follows:
1. Bold colors
2. Psychedelic furs
3. Dotty prints
4. Parkas
5. Tuxedos
6. Retro (the sixties)

I know, in Singapore trend number 2 (Psychedelic furs) are almost impossible to be worn, but I will just show you some alternatives :)

Firstly, bold colors are really easy to incorporate, you can go even bolder by trying to create a color-clashing outfit, I know I wouldn't dare, but maybe you would? :) By the way, you do know that H&M is opening its store in 3rd September right? :D

Alright, let's start. Giambattista has done a great job in showing the "Bold colors" trend (as shown in the picture)

However, this is a runway outfit, and I am going to show you how to turn it into real-way - Singapore style. Throw on your boldest colored dress in your wardrobe, layer on a white outerwear, pair it with a matching bright belt, and there you have it, a more conservative way of being bold. 

Bold Fall 2011

Moving on, psychedelic furs, as I have mentioned before, might not be too feasible in Singapore, but come on, I am sure, when you go shopping, it is always air-conditioned, so in a way, you can still reserve it in your shopping bag and throw it on when you are in shopping malls. Fur is a universal indication of rich and wealth, as "real ones" are mostly very high-priced and could rarely be obtained. So, this by Burberry Prorsum shows a standard psychedelic print fur.

Once again, turning it from runway to real-way. Wear even the most common outfit (e.g. a tank and a pair of denim shorts) and layer on the fur coat/gilet for that extra kick to your outfit, heighten this "kick" by adding a heeled ankle-boots.

Fur Fall 2011

Moving on to dotty prints, Marc Jacobs has shown a splendid job in executing this "dotted" trend. 

Transforming from runway to real-way. Never have too much spots/dots, it could turn either freaking amazing or failing greatly. If you have a spotted top, make the bottom plain, and vice versa. Same goes for a dress, but if the dots of small and packed together, it is totally fine.

Dotted Fall 2011

Retro is something, you should all know, that I am fond about recently, so I am really looking forward to be sporting a sixties-inspired outfit soon enough! Jean Paul Gaultier has done a fairly good job in executing this trend with his anti-youth concept.

Runway to real-way: mid-length long skirts, belts, accentuating the waist and collars.

Sixties Fall 2011

That's all dearies!

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