Monday, August 22, 2011

Etrican: Eco Fashion Forward

Hey fashionistas!

Here with another introduction to a local (Singapore) fashion label: Etrican! Etrican made its debut two year ago with its first environmentally-friendly apparel range. And now, they are off with their latest collection named the Madison Blvd. 
As said by this collection's designer Yumiko Uno, "The woven version of the fabric is a denser, higher thread count alternative to usual organic cotton. It is more crisp and less prone to wear and tear, giving a more elegant feel to pieces like jackets, shorts or skirts."

I'd just go on and show you guys the collection!

I would say that this collection definitely has that sense of retro, especially with that tailored jacket and the checkered peasant top. Etrican addresses the needs of the savvy, sophisticated woman that would like to enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that wearing organic cotton gives not only on informal occasions but also to dinner outings or days at the office. This collection shows inspiration from the classical elegance and clean silhouettes and subtle ethnic elements weaved in. 

What, I feel, is so special about this collection, is that each piece in the collection is named after a relevant iconic female symbol of the US in the 60's! For example the Marylin shorts and the Audrey skirt. What's next? The price is kept between $41 and $69, so it is super affordable for an eco-friendly apparel.

This collection can be purchased through Etrican's online store at and selected retailers such as CHOOSE by Olive Ventures at 26A Sago Street, S(059021).

That's all dearies!

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