Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Current love: My Diana mini

Hey guys!

Alright, you all know that I am totally in love with vintage-stuff. You should have expected that I would be into film cameras, right? So, I was just begging my sister for my belated birthday present, and there I have it- Diana mini! Diana mini is the simplest, or should I say easiest-to-get-along-with :) It is true, especially when you get your FAVORITE COLOR (LIKE PINK) :)

I was kindda debating between the white and the pink, but I figured, well, since this will be something that screams me, why not let it be in my favorite color? I present to you, Diana mini ~en rose~ And yes, this video will show you the other side of me: the melodramatic/easily fancied me. Enjoy!

I'll just show you some shots I have taken:

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE DREAMY EFFECT, especially with double exposure. Super nice! 

That's all lovelies!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Shopping Guide (Singapore Ver.)

Hey fashionistas!

It's going to be fall, as you could probably feel the heat slowly going down, even here in Singapore. And what do you know, it's our Fall school holidays (Sept. hols)! It's time to firstly study for your EOYs, and secondly, enjoy your shopping break! Do manage your time well too though :) With good results come great career opportunities, means more shopping funds! :)

Alright, so taking from, vogue's online fashion site, this fall trends are as follows:
1. Bold colors
2. Psychedelic furs
3. Dotty prints
4. Parkas
5. Tuxedos
6. Retro (the sixties)

I know, in Singapore trend number 2 (Psychedelic furs) are almost impossible to be worn, but I will just show you some alternatives :)

Firstly, bold colors are really easy to incorporate, you can go even bolder by trying to create a color-clashing outfit, I know I wouldn't dare, but maybe you would? :) By the way, you do know that H&M is opening its store in 3rd September right? :D

Alright, let's start. Giambattista has done a great job in showing the "Bold colors" trend (as shown in the picture)

However, this is a runway outfit, and I am going to show you how to turn it into real-way - Singapore style. Throw on your boldest colored dress in your wardrobe, layer on a white outerwear, pair it with a matching bright belt, and there you have it, a more conservative way of being bold. 

Bold Fall 2011

Moving on, psychedelic furs, as I have mentioned before, might not be too feasible in Singapore, but come on, I am sure, when you go shopping, it is always air-conditioned, so in a way, you can still reserve it in your shopping bag and throw it on when you are in shopping malls. Fur is a universal indication of rich and wealth, as "real ones" are mostly very high-priced and could rarely be obtained. So, this by Burberry Prorsum shows a standard psychedelic print fur.

Once again, turning it from runway to real-way. Wear even the most common outfit (e.g. a tank and a pair of denim shorts) and layer on the fur coat/gilet for that extra kick to your outfit, heighten this "kick" by adding a heeled ankle-boots.

Fur Fall 2011

Moving on to dotty prints, Marc Jacobs has shown a splendid job in executing this "dotted" trend. 

Transforming from runway to real-way. Never have too much spots/dots, it could turn either freaking amazing or failing greatly. If you have a spotted top, make the bottom plain, and vice versa. Same goes for a dress, but if the dots of small and packed together, it is totally fine.

Dotted Fall 2011

Retro is something, you should all know, that I am fond about recently, so I am really looking forward to be sporting a sixties-inspired outfit soon enough! Jean Paul Gaultier has done a fairly good job in executing this trend with his anti-youth concept.

Runway to real-way: mid-length long skirts, belts, accentuating the waist and collars.

Sixties Fall 2011

That's all dearies!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So into Vintage...

Hey fashionistas!

After taking a trip to "Cats Socrates", a store located in Bras Basah Complex, I started to become really attracted to Vintage! (Which I am so glad) So I went to search everything vintage online, and I'm telling you, they are so classic and beautiful. 

Just to show you some pictures I collected:

Are you attracted to vintage now too? Check out more vintage from these sites:

I am going to check out Haji lane opposite Bugis junction pretty soon as I really really am attracted to vintage now... 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Etrican: Eco Fashion Forward

Hey fashionistas!

Here with another introduction to a local (Singapore) fashion label: Etrican! Etrican made its debut two year ago with its first environmentally-friendly apparel range. And now, they are off with their latest collection named the Madison Blvd. 
As said by this collection's designer Yumiko Uno, "The woven version of the fabric is a denser, higher thread count alternative to usual organic cotton. It is more crisp and less prone to wear and tear, giving a more elegant feel to pieces like jackets, shorts or skirts."

I'd just go on and show you guys the collection!

I would say that this collection definitely has that sense of retro, especially with that tailored jacket and the checkered peasant top. Etrican addresses the needs of the savvy, sophisticated woman that would like to enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that wearing organic cotton gives not only on informal occasions but also to dinner outings or days at the office. This collection shows inspiration from the classical elegance and clean silhouettes and subtle ethnic elements weaved in. 

What, I feel, is so special about this collection, is that each piece in the collection is named after a relevant iconic female symbol of the US in the 60's! For example the Marylin shorts and the Audrey skirt. What's next? The price is kept between $41 and $69, so it is super affordable for an eco-friendly apparel.

This collection can be purchased through Etrican's online store at and selected retailers such as CHOOSE by Olive Ventures at 26A Sago Street, S(059021).

That's all dearies!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turn on Vintage

Hey fashionistas!

I'm really into "vintage" recently, thinking back of what happened in the fashion world in the 60s to 80s really interests me. Just to share a cool store in Bras Basah Complex, located on the third floor, a store named "Cat Socrates". You really have to check it out, though it has really little vintage clothing, but the accessories and little gadgets are definitely worth the time to look at. 

I also created an outfit via ASOS titled "Vintage Road Trip", hope you like it!

Vintage Road Trip

In this outfit, I have incorporated this fall's trends, namely the sixties minutes and psychedelic fur coats. Picture this, you are sitting on the side-seat of the driver (probably your boyfriend) driving a convertible. Along this sandy road, you are in this outfit and having the time of your life. Throw on that pair of sunglasses when there is too much sun, or throw on that fur gilet when it turns chilly. That pair of boots is a must for the adventurous you.

That's all lovelies! 

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey fashionistas!

I'm quite sure you are aware of the korean wave in Singapore recently right? Well, does Super Junior, 2NE1, Girl's Generation and Big Bang ring a bell? They are all korean pop groups! Well, in response to this korean wave in Singapore, Wish Company, a Korean-based online store has been trying to reach out to Singaporeans who are interested in Korean-based products (beauty and fashion).

Just a short introduction to It is a global shopping mall with unique Korean beauty and fashion items. feels that the products being sold online now, are all "unnecessarily expensive". And so, they have this very interesting global project: the cosmetic blind testing project, where a group of bloggers and experts are the one conducting blind tests, comparing the quality of low prices products to the high end luxury products, without any labels provided, so as to execute bias-ness. 

They currently focus on beauty, fashion and entertainment products, with a well selected series of products. You can even check out what other people feel about their products, like their reviews and some "how-to" tutorial videos on youtube!

New trendy products are updated every month, and as an opening event, shipping is absolutely free in August! So, hurry up now and grab this "free-shipping" while it lasts!!!! :)

These are some of my favorite items!

Ciracle Secret Sebum Powder

Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder

Visit their store at

That's all lovelies!