Sunday, July 24, 2011

That perfect piece...

Hey fashionistas!

I have been looking to these few days and I discovered some really nice pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories, those that gives any outfit that "X-factor", hope you enjoy it.

This pair of heels from Badgely Mischka is fantabulous! Just look at its gem/rinestone feature along the strap! This is definitely a touch of elegance and glam. Not to mention its design and placement of the straps, and that perfect heel! This pair of heels is perfect for formal events, or sometimes just to show off your taste in shoes. Pair this with a tube or off-shoulder silver/black dress to complete the look!

These gold chain belt by Chanel is that perfect piece to emphasize the military trend, as the layers and color are all done to perfection! Not to mention that piece hanging down, definitely adds the "chic" factor, another job well done from Chanel! Pair this with a neutral colored skirt like what the models above did, and further accentuate that "military" style by pairing a black/cream double-button down jacket or outerwear! You'll never go wrong!

This is that perfect nude heels from DV by Dolce Vita. With the wedges feature of the rattan platform and heels, this is definitely a go-to piece for casual-formal occasions/event! The straps along the ankle is also done to perfection, especially with that silver steel buckle. Pair this with any casual-formal outfit to complete that effortlessly chic feel!

Need a pair of grey wedges? Get this! This peep-toe grey wedge by Kensie Girl is so special and unique, with that neutral grey color and that perfectly constructed wedge, this can definitely be worn to the beach! As it is a pair of wedges, so you don't have to worry falling down or other "accidents". Also, with that cute ribbon feature at the peep-toe area, this is definitely that piece where you can show both that sweet and edgy sides of you!

This pair of wedges by LAMB has that perfect color combination, I mean who would have thought of this color combination?! The design of the platform area is so amazing, as it almost gives that "heel" illusion through that brown-ish "heel" pattern at the hinge. Pair this pair of wedges with anything that has  complementing colors to look effortlessly chic.

I feel that I am really into sheer-top dresses nowadays, as it almost gives of that "princess" feel. This dress by LBD is conservative yet edgy, with that sheer lacy layer beneath the dress. I would wear this to either a formal occasion or even just to walk my dog around the park, paired with a straw sun hat and sunglasses! I feel that this outfit portrays a somewhat mysterious yet chic feel! Very unique indeed!

This dress reminds me much of Carolina Herrera's dress! This dress by Morell Maxie has that perfect sweetheart cutting at the chest area, giving shape to any body types. Also, with that high-waisted black division, it definitely elongated the model's bottom half of her body, portraying elegance and glam. Not to mention that unique mixes of blue, green, white and red, this is definitely a unique dress!

What I love about Ravon's dresses is that they are convertible! Notice that the straps are movable, pull it up to make it into a halter dress, pull it down to shoulder length for that touch of elegance and "gown" feel. I feel that it's so cool to have a dress that is, well, convertible! Position the straps according to different occasions, and also widening your wardrobe! Definitely a must-have piece, and clearly unique!

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