Saturday, July 9, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #7: Incorporating Accessories

Hey fashionistas!

Sorry for not blogging for so long! (Yes, 4 days is long)
In this style tips and tricks, I will be talking about incorporating accessories to your daily outfits!

Original ideas by yours truly, Jocelyn.

Alright, so now, you are a pro in putting together an outfit, but something just doesn't seem right, it seems... empty. This is where accessories come in! Accessories can not only provide variations of your outfit, it can also make an boring plain outfit, into something cool and edgy!

I am sure you guys, if you follow my blog regularly, know that I am a fan of plain black and white, or just plain colors, without prints. This is why I love accessories, as they heighten the overall feel of my outfits, into a whole new level.

My definition of accessories include hats, bracelets, sunglasses, shoes, makeup, hair/headbands, ring, watches, necklaces, earrings and bags. I would talk about the first 3 for now :)

There are many kinds of hats, the two kinds that I love are nonetheless the fedora and the flat cap. However, they are both tricky hats to incorporate with any outfits. It is very normal to see someone wearing a fedora with very masculine outfits, like a tank top and a pair of jeans plus a vest. However, if you see my "Outfit of the day" page, you would have seen me incorporating my fedora with a dress and a net-cape/gauze top, and it turned, I would say, pretty well :)

Next, is the flat cap. Alright, I know flat caps are meant to be made for guys, but hey, don't you see a lot of girls/women wearing them too? Anyway, flat caps are one of the prettiest cap i've ever seen! So, why not just give it a try? There are many kinds of fabric for flat caps, they are the leather, denim and cloth. Leather has always been referred to as a "rock" fabric, so by incorporating leather flat caps to your outfits, it will totally "rock" your outfit, of course, if it is paired with the right outfit. For example, the most classic one would be leather leggings/jeans, a white tank top, a moto blazer/jacket, a pair of shades, and topped up with the leather flat cap.

However, don't you get bored of these "classic" outfits? You can definitely pair it with a miniskirt outfit, and replace the jeans with knee-length heeled boots instead. This will definitely lengthen your legs, and heighten your body. 

Denim flat caps are always fun to match outfits with, as the material makes it so versatile. Denim flat caps can be paired with many kinds of hairstyle, even fishtail braids. This is because denims looks more gentle, not so over-the-top and less edgy.

Denim flat caps can be paired especially with these jumpsuits. Fold it to above your ankle and pair it with a pair of strapped-on high heels to portray a new way of wearing denim flat caps!

Moving on to bracelets, there is, obviously, many types of bracelets/wrist accessories. There is the statement charm bracelets (cool ones from juicy couture), bangles, the famous friendship bands and wrist cuffs. 

Accessories with buckle features are signature for a rocker style, whereas golden and silver bangles contrastingly portrays a girly character. Charm bracelets are great as an add on to your (initially) plain outfit, as it adds character to the whole look! Friendship bands are just classic accessories that will never be out of date, as they are just classic add-ons, as ornaments/adornment.

Moving on to sunglasses, there are ALSO many types of sunglasses ;) You just have to pick the one that suits your face-shape! Firstly, introducing the types of sunglasses, there is the aviator, the wayferer, the oversized, shutter shades, oval, tea shades, butterfly and the wrap-around sunglasses. Yes, this is a lot to tackle, but, you just need to focus on the ONE that flatters you the most. Here is a link for you to determine YOUR sunglasses. 

Sunglasses not only protect you from contact with UV rays, they are also a great adornment! They can surely make you look chic instantly. If you are indoor, just slide it up your head! It looks perfect too. If you have that oval/heart shape face that flatters all kinds of sunglasses, well lucky you! Get sporty instantly with a pair of wraparound sunglasses paired with sportswear. Aviator glasses are amazing as since they are initially meant for pilots/men, it then gives a more masculine feel. 

That's all dearies!

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