Sunday, July 10, 2011

Singapore National Day

Hi fashionistas!

If you are a Singaporean, you would have seen or heard fireworks from the national day parade rehearsal! Yes! It's getting really near! Well, like in a month's time ;) So, if you are not a Singaporean, Singapore's National Day lies on the 9th August, the day where Singapore became independent. There will be a national day annually, like America's Fourth of July :) 

So, on that day, there will be this even called the National Day Parade (NDP) where there will be performances, sing-along sessions, and crazy partying :) As you might know, the Singapore flag has only got red and white, so on that day, the dress code would be, well, Red-and-White, but not everyone follows that ;) 

I've put together an outfit that is not over-the-top, but still, making red and white the focus of the outfit. I hope you like it :)

Singapore NDP

As you can see, red is a bright color, which fits perfectly into this season's trend. By pairing a white dress with red accessories tones down the overall feel of the outfit, making it totally wearable. The red blazer would be worn if you are attending an NDP party that is indoor or some sort :) The belts at the bottom right corner is a statement piece, but also the most crucial piece in bringing the red and white together, so it is vital :)

That's all dearies!

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