Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outfit Request: Wedding Dinner

This is an outfit request by a friend of mine.

She is going to a wedding dinner, and since I know her personally, I can somewhat know what her style is. This time, I am going to get her to drift just a bit away from her personal style, to a more edgy but not over-doing one. Have you ever get tired of seeing wedding guests wearing dresses all the time? Well, why not be the one who stands out and look as pretty without a dress?

Youthful Wedding Outfit

In this outfit, I paired a military green ruffle top, to give off that casual-formal feel, tucked into a zip-up black skirt that fits around the waist. This is a very basic trick to lengthen one's legs visually, by making the focus on the upper half of the body. This emphasis is extended with a statement waist-belt. Then, the look is further elongated by a high-heeled pumps (the one at the right). One quick tip, shoes that cuts above your ankle shortens your legs visually, and so, the perfect pair of shoes is high-heeled pumps. A knitted cardigan that cuts at the waist area is the most crucial piece as it is the one that makes it "suitable for a wedding dinner". It is a transformational piece from casual to formal. The headband with gold designs acts as the "pop of color" to this outfit as the colors are generally neutral and muted. 

This outfit might be a tad too casual for a wedding dinner, but it works, especially if you want to give off that youthful vibe. Hope you like it or inspired you! :)

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