Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Wardrobe: Jewelries

Hey fashionistas!

This is a new series where I show you what's in my wardrobe. This is definitely not a show-off thing, because there really isn't anything to show off... This is just to show you what I like and how I match them with one and another. So, I will kick off this series with my jewelries collection!

This is my favorite necklace from Cotton On for only S$5! I matched this with so many different outfits and they all worked! Also, this "diamond" reminded me much of FashionTV's logo, therefore I decided to purchase it, it was a good deal for S$5!

This was from a accessories store in NEX shopping mall's Elitrend. This charm bracelet has got charms like a dog, a teddy bear and several printed patterns. It is also very versatile as it is in white and black-silver, complementing everything in my wardrobe!

This, I believe, was from Forever21. It features a lock and a key. What I like about this is that both the lock and the key are kept subtle, simple yet chic.

I bought this bracelet in Switzerland's Claire's. I bought this for a friend of mine! This actually comes in a pair, another with a engraved "friend", and yes, the cracks of the hearts can be fixed together. I felt it would be cool to have it :)

I bought this particular "crown" necklace from Denmark Copenhagen, I found this in a souvenir shop, as Copenhagen is well-known to have castles. Plus, I felt that the colors were very well-matched: pink and silver, so duh I had to have it :)

This golden tiara was purchased when I was very young, and of course, it is fake gems. If I aren't wrong, it only cost $13. This can be purchased from Jean accessories shop. I would have to say that this tiara is really gorgeous for it price, it can definitely pass of as a princess tiara ;)

This is also one of my favorite necklace as it has my initial "J" in a very well-shaped heart. It is kept subtle and chic, and so I LOVE it :)

This necklace was a gift from my friend two years ago, and I am guessing it's from minitoons :) This is like a small 3D gem box, totally love it.

This would be the pair of earrings that came with the gift. However, I would try not to wear them both together as I really want to make each of them a statement/bling piece, so if I wear them both together, it would be too overwhelming!

This is a mickey mouse watch necklace, and I think it was a gift from my aunt from a Disneyland. It has got a very pretty design of mickey mouse in gems, and it can be pulled open to reveal the timepiece!

This is a very classic black-and-white watch with fake gemstones. I think I bought this from bugis street  5 years ago! And I am pretty sure it was less than S$10... Anyways, I really really love this, as you know I like black and white, the gems are what made it appear more classy :)

This pink bracelet was a gift from my friend from Indonesia Yogjarkarta :)

This is a very youthful bracelet with the classic black and white mickey mouses :)

 This was also from my friend, I think she couldn't decide what kind of bracelet I like, but yea I prefer this one as it almost has that tribal style, which I lack in my accessories collection!

This, I think, was from Bali, when I went there 2 years ago. I feel in love with its tribal style, and also, it wrapped around my wrist perfectly.

This is yet another tiara, also bought when I was young. This is a more simple tiara as it is in silver and has a more subtle design. I believe this was also priced at $12 from Jean accessories store.

This ring is also from NEX shopping mall, most probably from a store called "Colours". It was on display and its design caught my eye! I believe it was $6 or less.

This is a double-finger ring from topshop, its floral design fits perfectly into this season's botanical print trend!

This ring is the noisiest accessory of all, as the metal balls are mobile, so when you shake your hand, they shake as well. 

This winged ring was from a flea market located at F1 race's pitstop. I believe it was $6. I love the cute wings' design!

This was a present from a friend of mine, which I believe was from Diva accessories store. I really love this Cinderella themed bracelet, especially with that blue heel and pumpkin carriage!

This zipper earrings are one of the "fun" accessories that I have in my collection, and yes it is a real zipper, and it dangles :)

This, I believe, was a gift from my relative, as you might know I learn the violin, which explains the music notes :)

This pair of "Chanel" earrings were purchased from Bangkok's shopping mall, I can't remember the price though. Anyway, this "Chanel" earrings were so shiny on the rack, which caught my eye ;)

This is my most loved dangling earrings, love the three hearts that hang down :)

And yes, you see yet another crown/tiara. Well, I guess you can see that I really want to be a "princess", since I was young. It can be that I am treated as a "princess" or I really am o.O, haha but I doubt the second one :) Is there a quote that says "Treat me like a princess!"? If there is, that will be my life mission.

Images are all original photographs.

That's all dearies!


Jeffry Pullam said...

Your collection of jewelry is very beautiful! They have such unique designs and shapes. I hope you post more pictures of them.

Erva said...

My Gosh! I went to Denmark&Sweden in 2008 - I was 11 year old Turkish girl who visits with her school. you know Commenius project - and bought crown necklace too in Copenhagen. Now I am seventeen, saw that post&blog&necklace and I was shocked :) ...or still I am shocked :) Because I was wearing at that time.. We are necklace sisters I think. Just want to say and express my feelin'. :)