Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Outfits via ASOS 23/7/2011

Hey fashionistas!

Here is yet another outfit that I just created, featuring a sort of rebel/punk-ish outfit, further toned down with the rock element. This is literally what I am feeling now, with all the mixed feelings and stuff... Hope you enjoy this outfit!


Rebel can be seen through the mix of textures and pieces like the multiple-chain necklace, the boots and the grey graphic tank top. Through mixing in the "rock" factor, which are the red pants, double-ring, a studded belt and a leather gilet, the "rebel"/"punk" element is strangely being toned down, balancing the overall look and feel. The D&G timepiece adds a bit of glam and elegance into this outfit, further balancing this look. Hope you enjoy!

That's all dearies!

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