Friday, July 22, 2011

My Outfits via ASOS 22/7/2011

Hey fashionistas!

Wow, it rained today. I am quite sure I was sweating on the way to school just this morning... Well, it is so rare to have rained today so I am presenting you a rain-inspired summer outfit :) 

Rain-inspired Summer

This grey-gradient dress creates the template of the sky of grey clouds. The bright and floral outerwear are incorporations of this summer's trend, depicting the still-existence of summer. The umbrella serves as a shield of summer from the rain, and also the floral accessories and wedges portray summer. With the boots and white jackets, they bring in the military trend of this summer. All in all, this look proves the still existence of summer even with the rain.

Oh, by the way, the results would be released tomorrow for the fashion blog awards and I am very nervous and excited about it! Hope for the best and hope to have received some level of publicity for my blog after this blog awards :)

That's all dearies!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! This is great, can you please do beauty tutorials too?? Maybe a video for your dearest supporters.. hahas :)

Jocelyn Ng Jinghui said...

Hey anon!

Thank you so much for your support! I will try my best to do that as beauty is not my best area :)

sarah said...

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