Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday to my Sister Jeanne!

Hey fashionistas!

Big news! My sister's 21st birthday is coming soon on the 26th July! I am so excited for her! Yea... how time flies... Do you feel the same way too? How you feel that your siblings are progressing in such a fast pace! Well, I am only 16, that is 2 years to my 18th birthday, and 5 years to my 21st birthday, I am sure it will be here before I know it :) 

Anyways, she is going to have a combined birthday celebration with our grandma who is 81 years old! It is going to be grand, as I have got 11 aunts and uncles and their kids especially :) The party will be held in my house this Saturday, and I am really really excited about it! Probably need to have a violin performance, but yea, I think I can cope with that ;) 

So, this aside, I want to present to you birthday party outfits (especially for 21st) ideas, hope you like it!

Formal Birthday Princess

Casual Birthday Princess

Enjoy these outfits and play around with them! Hope I inspired or gave you some ideas of your birthday party outfits!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Quite an interesting share. My lovely sister is also going to turn 20 years old and I am going to host surprise party for her at one of the rental party venues in NYC. It will be a stunning Oscar themed roof top bash and I am getting help from my cousin as she is very good at party planning.