Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Hey dearies!

The voting for Blog Awards 2011 are already closed, and the results will be out on the 23rd July! First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has voted for me, even if it was just once, as it really means a lot to me :) I am really hoping to win this thing as it will really mean great publicity for this blog! Connecting fashion and people in an easier way! Also, I really want to go Melbourne! I am sure I can get a lot of fashion inspirations from there and for you guys!

Alright, those of you who are regular readers of this blog, I am really sorry it has been kept so dead these days. Well, I have a reason :) I was doing my "Individual Research Essay" which was due today, and I was sure I just wouldn't concentrate if I continue to post blog posts! This IRE was very interesting and I had a lot of fun, as it is about fashion in Singapore and fashion in the fashion capitals London, Paris and New York. I started this essay since March, with a number of researching, interviewing and surveying. I was very proud to have met the word limit, which is 2000, with 1996 words. Yes, it was tough and I had not have enough sleep! So please forgive me for not updating my blog these days :)

Upcoming posts:

Since there are already previews of Singapore's National Day Parade, I am sure I should come up with a NDP outfit, shouldn't I? So, you can definitely look forward to that! 

Secondly, a new "Style Tips and Tricks" would be up really soon! It would be roughly about incorporating accessories to your outfit, something like that ;)

Thirdly, please feel free to request for outfits for any occasions, and I will hope to help you or give you inspirations for your outfit for that event.

That's all dearies!

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