Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Picks: Zara

New Arrivals


This linen jacket is a perfect cover-up, as it has got the right length and material to do so! Pair this with a basic top and shorts, and accentuate your waist by adding a waist belt on top of this cardigan, put on your favorite sunglasses, and you are ready to go! 

This kimono styled cardigan is unique to the max! Kimonos are instantly transformed into something that everyone can wear and not feel awkward. To transform this into a similar kimono piece, overlap the two sides of the cardigan and add a wrap belt at the area below your chest.

This leather jacket is definitely a "rock" piece, rock this look by simply pairing it with a pair of skinnies and platform heels!

This purple jersey blazer is a perfect piece for this season's bright colors trend. Pair this with a basic top and a black skirt to look effortlessly chic and trendy.

This sequined cape will aid any look with a hint of elegance.

This coat has got metal buttons feature, which transforms any outfit into something military-like.

This white buttoned blazer can definitely be paired with a white pair of long pants, or even a pair of white/denim shorts.


Transform this dress into a "rock" outfit by pairing it with a denim waistcoat. 

This metallic dress is definitely a statement dress, it almost looks like an Alexander McQueen! Pair it up with a statement belt to emphasize the Alexander McQueen-inspired outfit!

This black zip-up dress is fitting, as you can see from the picture, add a waist belt to further accentuate your figure.

Give this white shirt dress shape simply by adding a waist belt, or make it a korean-inspired outfit by just adding a denim gilet on top of it.


This black skirt is best worn with the top being tucked in, it has a very good A-line shape, which will flatter almost all body shapes. Pair it with an over-sized top to look effortlessly chic and classy. 

This is a very basic skirt that has got zipper features, which makes it more casual. Pair it with any top, tucked in or out.

This jeans has got the new-length, the bright orange belt adds that pop of color into the outfit. Pair this with a white top, or a 70s-inspired sheer top.

This metallic pants is a statement piece, you can pair it with a pair of boots and a very basic broad-U cut shirt. You can also dress it up by pairing it with a pair of black platform heels and a fancy dressy top.


This neutral-colored grey top can be paired with almost every color, even beige pants like what this model did.

This bright pink velvet top is a trendy piece with its bright color.


This is definitely a Gucci-inspired heels, with bright purple, pink and orange.

This is a very dressy pair of shoes, by incorporating gemstones. Pair it with your favorite gown to complete that elegant look.

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