Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best Picks: Lookbook.nu

Best picks: Lookbook.nu

I really love this look, she intelligently put this outfit together with a vintage laced top, a neutral brown skirt and a matching pair of heeled boots. By topping this look with a black oversized-fram glasses was a perfect idea, having a vibe of the seventies, but in a modern way.

I am currently crazy over oversized top/outerwear. This one on her has that perfect silhouette depicting a sense of freedom and casualness with that flowing fabric. This look could not look any better especially paired with that high-waist shorts and that pair of black boots, definitely an amazing outfit.

This is the guy who wants to show that there is every reason to pair denim top with denim jeans. He has shown that it rocks. By wearing a basic top underneath the denim outerwear, it gives a layback feel, this look is further emphasized with that pair of sneakers and that perfectly styled hair!

Ah yes, black and white! I love this look, especially as she paired it with a leopard print tote bag! The leopard print tote bag is what makes this outfit complete, by balancing off the plain outfit. Not forgetting that pair of peep-toe wedges, they are adorable!

Casual yet fun, by layering on that cardigan, this look has elevated from casual to something chic. Especially with that pair of high-waisted denim cut-offs, which is the vital casual-chic piece.

This look is simple yet elegant, by pairing this perfectly-designed plain white dress with a black belt and black heeled boots, it is almost a runway look!

I am currently really obsessed with off-shoulder tops too. She paired this with a white denim skirt, which was awesome. She balanced this look with a complementing sneakers!

Oh yes, a transformational piece, the bomber jacket. As you would realize, after layering on that bomber jacket, the look has transformed into a "rock" look, whereas the picture on the left depicted a much quieter and chic feel!

Classic black and white to the max! She has proved that a white top, a black skirt and a black heels always work!

Chic is the word that I would describe this outfit. It looks so simple with a dress, a nude platform heels and a pair of neutral shades, but together, they make a great and a well-thought outfit!

Not too sure of the turban, but other than that, LOVE the outfit! The heeled boots complemented the top so well! And with that pair of black jeans, it elongates your legs so much!

Yes, another transformational piece, a full-length cardigan. A white cami, a high waisted black jeans and a black heel, topped up with that cardigan... genius or what?

This is another off-shoulder look that I love, the bag and shoes complements each other, which brings the whole outfit together!


I've never really liked long skirts, but in this look, I was surprised by how a maxi skirt can look so sweet, and with that color, it is almost a vintage outfit!

I am in love with how she layered on that piece of cardigan, which gave this look  a sense of "completeness"

I really like the way she paired the brown skirt with the white loose top

Not sure about the length of the skirt, I would prefer it longer, but other than that, this look is AWESOME, especially the way she paired the "statement" top with a bright bottom, and brought together by that brown belt!

Black shirt, black belt, denim shorts, black translucent stockings and a black and white headband?! I LOVE YOU! This outfit came out really well, especially with that belt, which breaks up the top and bottom, giving definition and also to add that pop of gold into this plain outfit!

What can I say? Sweet smile, cute dog, adorable outfit, she has got the full package! I love the way she paired that straw hat with her outfit. And that black across-body bag is lovely as well!

Classic, simple and chic. BTW, love the cutting of that dress to the max!

I would love to get caught in that outfit along the streets! Super chic!

Love this particular photo! Love how she paired that long sleeve white top and that black flare skirt!

Remember, if you do not want to mix too bold colors into your outfit, incorporate it into your accessories or better yet your shoes! Because shoes will always be the focus as it is constantly in action... right? :)

Yet another transformational piece, the denim collar down top. Pair it with anything to instantly look casual-chic.

Not really sure about the socks part, but the color combination for the outfit is perfect! 

Images taken from Lookbook.nu

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