Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Picks: H&M

This satin jumpsuit is best worn alone with gladiator sandals. Especially if the studs are gold in color!

This off-shoulder dress would be the perfect piece this summer, following the trend of the brights. Give it a more lay-back casual feel with an over-sized sun hat and flip flops!

Oh my god, is it pink that I see? I used to think that bright pink will never work out in an outfit, but guess what? This bright pink shorts is so versatile as any type of top will go with it, especially with a tank top and oversized cover-up! This look can be easily converted into a beach wear by changing the tank top to a bikini, and then adding an over-sized sun hat and flip flops!

This flared dress can be easily toned down by wearing a plain t-shirt (black or white) in it, and then layered upon it. It can also be a very good beach wear cover up.

This pair of shorts features sweatshirt fabric, designed specially to be worn as a beach wear! Tops can be varied with either a bikini top or a tank top with a oversized cover-up.

This over-sized jumper can be worn off-shoulder or not. Wearing it off-shouldered will make you look effortlessly chic. Top it up with a fedora and perhaps a pair of chinos and a pair of wedges!

This off-shoulder top is very versatile as you can pair it with shorts, jeans, pants. Tuck it into a black tiered skirt to instantly transform it into a formal off-shoulder dress!

An Alexander McQueen inspired outfit would be to tuck in a khaki button-down shirt and then add a statement waist belt. Complete it with a pair of high-heeled shoes.

I personally own this black dress, and I would have to say that it is very comfortable! Depending on whether you want to show off you cleavage, you can add a tank or a tube top underneath this dress (white for black and black for white).

This jumpsuit is pretty much similar to the first one. Similarly, this is best worn alone with a pair of gladiator sandals.

This little black dress is really something, all thanks to that belt. I would have to say that the belt made this outfit look so much more casual, which is a good thing, and an amazing design! Make it suitable for beach by topping it up with a sun hat and a pair of shades! Flip flops or sandals will be fine for this outfit!

This figure-fitting dress will also suit plus-size women as it accentuates at the waist area, but remember to top it up with a black cardigan to complete that slim illusion. Belts are optional.

This 70s-inspired chiffon blouse looks best paired with a pair of chinos, bright colored or not. Alternatively, it can also be paired with a pair of pants to complete that 70s look.

This button-down dress has a more conservative feel with that ribbon at the front. However, you can pair it with a denim waistcoat of gilet for that perfect mix of texture and instantly add the "rock" element to this outfit! Complete the "rock" look with gladiator sandals and a buckle-designed bracelet/bangles.

This blazer/jacket stops at the waist area, creating elongated legs if worn with a pair of short shorts.

This bikini has got the perfect print to wear to a beach, it's not too loud yet not boring.

This flared top is perfect if worn as a beachwear with a halter bikini.

This pair of clamdiggers definitely shouts military to me. Complete this look with a plain tank (preferably black or white) and a pair of paddock/riding boots.

This dress is perfect for this summer as it features a bright-colored bottom. Tone this look down with a blazer or kick it up a notch with a gilet! Finally, complete this look with a high-heeled pumps or wrap-around sandals

This is one of the basic tops/dress one should possess. Convert it into a body-fitting dress by adding a waist belt. The belt could be of varying colors, like neons, neutrals or polka-dotted. Layer on a moto/motor jacket to make it a "rock" look, or tone it down with a checkered blouse knotted at waist level.

This is another perfect beachwear worn as a bikini cover-up!

This dress has that perfect blue that makes it look sweet. Complete this sweet look with a hairband.

Exclusively Singapore

These are the pieces of clothing I found in the Singapore H&M website!

This dress is one of the more edgy pieces in H&M. It is best worn alone or with a cognac-colored blazer.

This leather-imitation skirt is best worn just with a plain neutral-colored top.

This tulip-shaped skirt fits into this summer's trend: Brights. Tone this look down with a black blazer, or kick it up a notch with a gilet. Alternatively, give off that country look with a button-down blouse knotted of belted into the skirt.

This loose-fitting blouse is best worn tucked into a black skirt or a pair of black pants. It will give off that 70s feel however.

This miniskirt made in imitation-leather definitely is a "rock" piece. Complete this look with an above-knee boots, white tank and a moto/motor jacket. Emphasize "rock" by adding a leather flat cap and a pair of shades.

This flared skirt has got the 70s feel, so top it up with a white top, a sun hat and an oversized sunglasses. 

This denim shorts has got the perfect dye, making it a versatile piece.

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P.S. I am really looking forward to the opening of H&M this fall in Singapore! Here is a view its board outside the building!

That's all lovelies!

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