Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vote for me for Best Fashion Blog!

Hi fashionistas!

I am here to call for your support again as I really need it :)
Well, I know, that in order for you to vote for me, I'd really need to convince you guys, right?
Not to worry, as I'm going to do just that! With my 5 reasons why you should vote for me.
1. Objective of my blog
The objective of my blog is to present fashion in a simpler way, so that more people can follow or easily access it. What do I mean by "fashion in simpler way"? Well, if you follow my blog really closely, you would realize that my runway posts have got all kinds of trends categorized. It might be a hassle for you to look through EVERY SINGLE or MOST of the runways, so I've done the job for you, and have categorized it with images for your references.
2. Vision of my blog
If you are a Singaporean, you would have known the recent Holland village's Samantha's incident, where dress codes are being raised to Singaporeans' awareness. If you are not a Singaporean, this is a shortened version of the whole incident. So basically, there was a lady who called and claimed that the people she has seen in Holland village are getting on her nerves with what they are wearing (singlet, shorts, slippers). She has called in to a popular english radio station and openly voiced her complaints with the only identification as "Samantha".  Samantha says that they SHOULDN'T step into holland village and just "stay where they are". This incident has been rather controversial in Singapore. So, the vision of my blog is to diminish the clashes of dress codes by making Singaporeans more uniform in terms of clothing.
3. Updates daily
Once again, if you are an avid follower of this fashion blog, you would have realized that I update this blog almost everyday, well except during school exams period. Also, I strive for good quality posts, so far, I have already deleted 5 drafts due to its lack of quality and contents. Having updates daily is not easy task, but well, I enjoy blogging, so it definitely does not feel like a chore to me. With daily updates, I would be able to publish new style/fashion ideas for you on a daily basis. :)
4. Increasing number of series, and growing
So as you have noticed, my blog has got quite a few series, all related to style and fashion! I've got the runway overview, accessory focus, model feature, designer feature, style tips and tricks, the shopper, my outfits, fashion video feature, best picks, and next, I plan on adding yet another series, which is the "Housing shops feature" where I write reviews about the shops located below housings (AKA the "cheaper" yet chic stores). With all these series, I bring you more ways of presenting fashion, all at your fingertips, and better yet, all in one site!
5. Future
So, if luck hits upon me and I eventually win this competition, I would, have no doubt, not post less. In addition, with the trip to Melbourne, I am going to bring you Australian fashion! Make that an overseas feature blog post! Also, if I win, I am guessing I would be able to attend more fashion shows, and therefore, showing them to you dearies! All I want for is to post quality posts and posts with maximum contents! It's all for you guys!
6. Why blog?
Some of you guys might be curious as to why I set up this blog. Originally, I started this blog just to show my passion for fashion (yes it rhymes), but slowly, I found that it is so fun blogging and I enjoy it a lot. I might not be a fan of an online diary, but an online fashion diary?! Who doesn't like that, right? :) Also, as I write more and more everyday, I educate myself, as well as all you guys! And I really love that :)
7. Age of my blog
With more than 100 posts already in this blog, I only started this blog 3 months ago. With its young and tender age, it has been very honorable for it to be in the top 10 fashion blogs. I believe that as this blog grows older, it will call in perhaps an even larger crowd, especially with the help of supportive blog viewers! Also, the contents of this fashion blog will eventually mature as it grows up!
8. An interactive blog
I am very open to comments and requests on my blog. As you should probably already notice, I've got a Chat box right at the side bar, so that you guys can write there freely. The chat box have got cons and pros, pros being it will be a platform for me to connect with you while the cons would be people who advertise their websites here, but well, I can live with that :)
9. Credibility of my blog
All of the posts here in this blog are original unless otherwise stated. I've got credible sources like where runways and trend reports are updated almost immediately and "Style" by Lauren Conrad who is a fashion designer and a well-known style icon. In addition, as it is a blog, I voice out whatever my opinions are, and shall be treated with respect. 

10. View Count
As you already know my blog has only been 3 months old. I was very surprised one day when it finally hit 1000 views when it was only one month old. With 2000 hits on 14th April, I presented "Best picks" for office wear and youth outfits in commemoration of the celebration of 2000 hits! With the current 6000 hits, I am very pleased and confident to say that my blog has been of help to many people perhaps struggling with putting outfits together ;) 

Once again, please do vote for me! 
If you really like this blog, you would the best out of it, wouldn't you?

Click on this link, then click on "VOTE NOW!" with an account and then click "Like!"

That's all dearies! TYVM!

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