Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vote for me for Best Fashion Blog!

Hey fashionistas!

Alright, so here's the deal. If you vote for me, and if I win, you are entitled to a chance of winning prizes from also! 

Prizes include 

  1. Asus-Lamborghini wireless mouse 
  2. ADONIS facial treatment vouchers worth $150.
  3. $50 1-Rochester Group vouchers for orders of 1-CaramelSignature cakes
  4. $50 Night Safari exclusive merchandise
  5. Fabrix Slim Messenger 13"
  6. GET SINGAPORE Hamper with the following products:
    1. 1. Action City’s LittleRubberDots – CreativeDotBook
    2. 2. theKube – 2GB nano-size cube MP3 player
    3. 3. TravelPAC –iPhone 4G Case (Kickstand Series)

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That is IF you vote for me :) 
Quite a number of attractive prizes, isn't it? 
Be reminded that you can vote once every day, 
all the way until 7th July! 
Just click on the following link 

and click "VOTE". 
I'm sorry to say that you have to have an account in order to vote, 
but c'mon, it's worth it! 
Other than clicking "VOTE", click "LIKE" too! 
These votes add up to 30% of my total points, 
whereas the other 70% is from the judges. 

Thank you dearies!

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