Monday, June 20, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #6: Dress Right

Original ideas by yours truly, Jocelyn. 

Today, I bring you "Outfit for the Right Occasion". I am sure many of you have felt being "out of place" as a result of not wearing right. For example, you find yourself completely despised wearing shirts and jeans (even if it's branded) to a ballroom, or you find yourself (also) completely despised for wearing that ultra thin and high heels while going to exercise in the morning. Yes, these are all extreme cases, but hey, it happens (sometimes). Other than having common sense (duh), you have to know how to put everything together, and also not to create an opposite effect. Now, I present to you some of my outfits in several styles and occasions. 

Classic Black and White

This is a classic black and white, except emphasizing on the white rather on the black.

 Edgy Chic

Alexander McQueen has the best edgy feel in his designs. With that blazer of his, everything paired with it becomes edgy!

 Formal Concert

This neutral outfit is the perfect one for formal concerts, pairing the black top and bottom with a snake-skinned belt and beige handbag.

 Retro Femininity

This is a retro take in femininity, a top and a maxi skirt. A floppy hat with a pair of over-sized shades. Heeled loafers to complete the look.

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