Saturday, June 18, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #5: App it out

Original ideas by yours truly, Jocelyn.

If you ever own an android phone that has got app stores, you might not be using it to its full potential, as you can do so much even just with a few special apps I'm going to talk to you about.

The first app,
If you have been noticing, I get all my runway images from! In this app, they give you immediate glance at the runway outfits! Not only that, this app also includes style videos ("exclusive runway video and front row feedback from the top shows"), fashion shows ("complete coverage of every major collection"), parties (Photos and reports from the social scene"), look of the day ("Vote for your favorite fashion moment"), men't fashion ("in depth coverage of the top menswear shows"), and finally style file blog ("the latest fashion news from around the globe"). As you can see, this app has already covered so many areas in the fashion industry! It also has got easily accessible interface! Also, with the black color scheme, it makes this app looks so professional, content-wise and aesthetic-wise :) One of the many things I like about this app is that they allow you to capture screenshots, so that you can save it into your iphoto library just by pressing the lock and menu button together. Best thing yet, it is FREE! Definitely recommend this!

2. Vogue stylist

Vogue has been a internationally well-known fashion magazine, now, it is just at your fingertips, literally! When you start up this app, you will be greeted with different trends, for example for this season, there is the "Bikini Beach", "Chicly Crafted", "Nautical", "Python" and "Rhapsody of Summer". And for every trend, there is the "Get the story" and "Get the look". The "Get the story" is basically an introduction to that trend, and basically a brief verbal overview of that trend, whereas "Get the look" (not always that accurate) is a place where you actually buy off what is being worn on the model of each trend image! The best part for me is that "Style it" tab, where you can save outfits from many different labels! This can even be your style guide! How wonderful is that, right? Also, there is a "restyle" button, where you can get multiple ways of putting together that outfit! The next tab is "Favorites", obviously where all your "Hearts" outfits are! This is a genius idea as it provides a very clear way of showing all your favorite outfits! Once again, this is a free app!

3. Label apps

Chanel, D&G, Pedro, Mango, Charles and Keith, Dior, Zara, Ralph Lauren, ELLE, Coach, DVF. If you are any of these' fans, you are missing out a lot in your life. Just imagine this, your favorite label, updating you through your android phone whenever they have something new! 

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