Sunday, June 12, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #4: Analyzing your style

Original ideas by yours truly, Jocelyn.

Have you ever wondered what your kind of style is? Well, I have just the solution. By knowing your personal style, you target at clothing that projects your sense of style, thus projecting you on you! This also helps at the next time you shop for clothes, as you will be able to focus on stores that is more of your style. But as you know, in order to know something, you have to pay a price, no pain no gain! But for this, you are just paying the price with time. Yes, time, time to look through websites that offers a big range of clothing of different styles. And I have just the websites for you!




In these websites, you will find a broad range of clothing.

You just have to pick one out of these three, I recommend ASOS as there is a short runway clip for almost every piece of clothing. Now is the tricky part. You are going to scroll down to view all the outfits and save the images in your computer, something like a lookbook. A lookbook of everything you like. At the end of the day (if it takes that long), you are going to review your lookbook and find out a certain pattern in it, and that will determine your style! Oh, and websites like features all branded clothes, that would be a great place to go to, because everything will be at its best presentation :)

An example from myself.

1. Log in to
2. Choose "Clothing"

3. Go on and click on any type of clothing, in this case I will be choosing "Tops"

One thing I love about is that they allow you to "heart" it, so they make a lookbook for you, but well, you can definitely still save it into your folder.


Bear in mind that you need not just like a certain piece, you can also take note of those outfits that you think went together perfectly :) Those pictures will give you ideas on what to pair up with what :) Sometimes, you might just like the length of the piece! That's perfectly fine, save it!

A bright way on choosing the right ones to save is to think twice about it. You might like it at the first glance, but think about it again, does it suit your body shape? Visualize it on you, then decide again whether to save it.

But I mean, if you have that body that rocks every kind of clothing, go ahead and just save it at first sight! 

4. You are going to populate this folder and start analyzing!
This is my lookbook folder. So as you can see, you can hardly find any graphic clothing, that just means that my style is everything plain, the less the pattern, the better it is. 

Next, you can observe the images that I saved are almost all black and white, well, some brights, but you get what I mean, the majority of them ARE Black or White or Black and white :) Alright moving on, from my lookbook, I can observe that I do not like long sleeves shirt, except for jackets and outerwear, and that I am very interested in tubes and off-shoulder dresses. Oh! And those sleeves that spreads out like armors at the shoulder area, love them! 

I love gowns like this too
They give a very flow-ish feel, but still a little more conserved and has amazing stitching and sweetheart design, love them. 

Through looking at shoes too, I found out that I like designs to be concentrated on my ankle, like these by DVF!

5. Conclude your style.

Don't worry, it's YOUR style, it doesn't need to exist... YET... Wait till you set a trend someday! Well, I am going to admit that my style is the boring ole' Classic Black and White Chic style. Your style can definitely be something like "Wacky Hawaiian 70s" or "Black and Yellow and Pink"... It's totally up to you! And if it looks good, hey, you might just set a new trend!

That's all lovelies!

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