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Style Tips and Tricks #3: All about vintage

Adapted from Lauren Conrad's Style Chapter 3: Tackling Vintage
with original expansion of ideas.

Vintage clothing are clothes that were worn in the past, most likely by someone else in the past. Why does vintage exist? One thing about fashion trends is that it is a kind of cycle, what is considered trendy now, most probably will be trendy in five years' time. You can already see a kind of cycle this year with the comeback of the seventies. 

So, with that in mind, you will never know when a certain trend will repeat itself again, so there's really nothing to worry about if you own certain vintage clothing, in fact, read on to see other advantages of vintage clothing!

Pros and Cons of "Vintage Clothing/Pieces"

Pros: The chance of having the same piece as another person will be the least as it's normally "one of a kind". Take these as examples, these are pieces approximately from the 60s and 70s:

Cons: It is hard to find THE ONE, as the ones that you like might probably, well, either it is too much a price or it is stained, OR it's not your size. Lauren Conrad: If a vintage garment is stained, chances are that stain is never going to come out. Unless you find ways to cover up that stain, don't get it. Also, some smells of most vintage clothing could also be unbearable, so again, unless you are confident of getting rid of that smell, don't get it too. 

How to shop for vintage:
Whether you are online shopping for it or shopping in vintage boutiques in person, always make sure the size is right, as size varies from time to time, just by looking at the size label doesn't really help much. If you are online shopping, like in this online vintage shop, measurements are specified so that you can get that perfect fitted vintage piece. 

Evaluating its value:
If you are VINTAGE shopping, of course, the longer the time it existed, the better the value. And hey, always think before buying, I mean, there's no point of buying it and not get to wear it, right?Lauren Conrad: The best clothes come hand-stitched, so look out for that, and also represents the age of the piece

How to wear them:
So, after a whole day of hunting for that ONE piece, you finally got it, and it fits you perfectly. What are you going to do next? So you bought this 70s jacket, and it somehow just fits into this season's trend, and the only problem is what to pair it with... Don't you worry, a jacket can always find its way into an outfit. You can definitely pair it with a skirt or a pair of jeans, just something plain and simple as you want it to be the one getting all the spotlight. You can do a lot to a jacket, you can roll up the sleeves, or leave it unbuttoned to have that modern feel. Unless your vintage piece is very plain, it'd be fine to leave out the accessories. Another option would be to send it to your tailor to transform it to give it a more modern feel. For example for this piece, you can request the tailor to shorten the jacket to the height above your waist, to project a lengthier height. Sometimes, even your tailor can give you some good advice!

A local vintage store that I recommend would be Déjà Vu Vintage, located at #01-70 Millenia Walk , 9 Raffles Boulevard and at #01-18 The Cathay.

That's all dearies!

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