Friday, June 10, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #2: Look Chic

Original ideas by yours truly, Jocelyn.

Alright, so you have mastered your wardrobe, you have all the must-haves, now, to put them together, and to of course, look effortlessly classically chic!

  1. Sunglasses that suits your face shape (vital for protection from the sun)
  2. Neck scarf (optional)
  3. Dress simple to project that effortless feel (When of course, there's more into it ;)
A basic classic chic look would be a plain t-shirt tucked into a skirt, preferably something that does not flare out. Put on that black bracelet that you own, ornament it with a pair of sunglasses, and finally a pair of heels or ankle boots to give that illusion of longer legs. 

What defines chic is something "elegantly and stylishly fashionable". To be "elegantly" fashionable, a piece of neck scarf never fails, it's simple and chic, and something one can also wear in Singapore ;) As neck scarves are usually a sheer piece of fabric tied onto the neck, it does not usually make you feel warmer, but instead, just a piece of accessory. But I do not recommend one who has a relatively short neck to wear a neck scarf as it further shortens your neck, and normally does not flatter.

And hey, you can also be trendy as you follow the trend of this Spring/Summer's floral prints, by showing that on your neck scarf! Like this one from Zara! 
Of course, there is another kind of chic style, which is the "Rock-chic" style, a more edgy way of projecting chic, a look Emma Watsons seamlessly pulled off in this picture.

In this picture, Emma Watsons wears a sleeveless white top and a belted denim shorts. Of course, this look can never be completed without that strapped-down bag and bracelets! And to emphasize that effect of "rock", Emma Watsons bun up her hair into a messy bun with perfectly placed fringe, she never gets it wrong :)

That's all lovelies :)

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