Thursday, June 9, 2011

Style Tips and Tricks #1: Must-haves

Adapted from Lauren Conrad's Style Chapter 1: Must-haves in your wardrobe
with original expansion of ideas.

Little Black Dress

This is a very crucial piece, a definite must-have for your wardrobe! With this, you can change your look anyhow you want! You can wear a denim top, actually, any top as the dress can be transformed into an apparent black skirt. Or, you can just wear it as it is, by adding a brooch, you are transforming it into a more formal wear, of course, at the right place ;) Not to forget, accessories can also change its feel/style!


I can't stress enough how great jeans are. There are many different types of jeans, there is the straight cut, the boot cut, the Flare, the bell bottom and the skinny. There are also low-waisted, middle-waisted, high-waisted. I myself have both the middle-waisted and the high-waisted, and are normally straight cuts and skinnies. One pair of jeans alone can be matched with so many different tops that will change the overall style/feel! For example, you can pair a jeans with just a plain t-shirt, add a cardigan when you are cold, and guess what? It works every time. Skinnies are great friends as they look more formal, especially if you pair a pair of black skinnies with a fancy black top!

Collared button-down

White, black or denim, it doesn't matter. As long as you have one of this, you are good to go. This is simply because you can transform it in different ways. Wear it buttoned up to look formal. Wear it unbuttoned with a basic top inside to have that casual feel/style. Tuck it in for that formal feel, tuck it out to have that lay-back feel. Tie it up at the bottom at waist-level to look effortlessly chic, and hey, pair it up with a high-waisted jeans, and you are good to go ;) Lauren Conrad: Pair it up with bikinis to look effortlessly chic, and sexy.


Right, so there is this stereotype that people just associate girls with skirts, and I have no idea why, but hey, they are pretty :) A skirt can be a substitute for jeans, and again, expanding your looks and style. I have a very pretty black skirt from H&M. It is tiered, but doesn't flare out. I always pair it with something simple because the tiers are already so pretty, and I don't want my top to stand out more than the skirt does. So what I normally will do, is to pair just a plain white T-shirt, tuck it in, and voila, simple and chic :)


Alright, it is a bit nonsensical to wear boots in Singapore because of it unbearable heat, but hey, ankle boots are awesome :) I own one from DMK, and they are pretty cool to wear! And the good news is, you can totally pair it up with everything, even just a shirt and shorts, of course, colors have to complement too. 

White and Black tops

As you can see, all the above are to be paired with basic black and white tops, they include T-shirts, singlets, tank tops, tubes, off-shoulder and puffy-sleeved. They can be plain, they can be graphic, as long as it's black or white or black and white, they complement everything

Black heels

Alright, this can be optional as not everyone wants to or are willing to wear heels, especially those 6-inches platform stilettos :) But if you have this, you can do so much with it! You can pair them with almost everything, even plain jeans and shirt to add that little chic-feel. And did I mention that they lengthen your leg visually if you pair it with an above-knee skirt? ;)


This can be optional also, but if you are a working adult, this is a must have. Blazers can transform anything into something formal. It can even transform a T-Shirt and shorts into something more presentable, but again, the color must complement each other :) Oh, and don't forget, any blazer, I repeat, ANY blazer complements a little black dress or even just a black short skirt ;)


Yes, it's retarded to wear a coat in Singapore, but hey, if you are not a Singaporean, you should know the importance of a coat, right? ;) There is not much that I can say about coats, but just bear in mind that you can wear anything inside a coat, what matters is just your bottom. A pair of pants always complete a coat look, but so does stockings and don't forget that pair of heels you have on your shoe rack!

That's all dearies!


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