Monday, June 13, 2011

It's an interview!
Hey fashionistas!

So as you should already know, my blog has been chosen to be the top 10 fashion blogs for Singapore's Blog Awards by!  Well, as much as I love how it is now, an interview will be held tomorrow at Singapore Press Holdings! I'm somewhat nervous, but well, what's there to be anxious about? It's just an interview about my blog, something that I set up by myself, something I taught myself, so there is practically NOTHING to be worried about, hopefully :) 

Well, as it is an interview, I want to dress more formal. This is the time where I can apply my "Style tips and tricks" series into my life! So, a blazer shouldn't go wrong, right? So a blazer is a must. Well, I have one blazer which I bought from NEX shopping mall, it's not bad :) And to  show a hint of youthfulness, I will be wearing my beloved H&M black tiered skirt. Yea, that should do it :) 

Anyways, wish me luck! 

That's all lovelies!

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