Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Givenchy Resort 2012

Label: Givenchy
Collection: Givenchy's Resort 2012 Collection
Trend: Symmetrical

Wonderful design along the legs. Some may think that this is weird, but it lengthens one's legs and gives them structure!

Vibrant Symmetrical Prints

Don't these look super familiar? Yes, it's rather similar to Stella McCartney's. However, in here, the color scheme made them look, somehow, different from McCartney's. Givenchy has made the symmetrical prints seamlessly un-boring, furthermore their vibrant colors added interest to the looks. Also, Givenchy has found the way in incorporating prints into different silhouettes, which created variations and has given us outfit ideas :)


Mastering white to perfection, Givenchy also incorporated his symmetrical overall into these white outfits. Now, all-whites are finally possible!

 Black and White

This particular outfit is the only pure black and white outfit. With the peeking white at the chest area, it brings us attention to it. Also, this outfit will flatter all body types as it accentuates the waist 

Images taken from style.com

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