Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog about: How my interview went!

Hey fashionistas!

I am going to blog about how my interview went today!
Oh, and stay tuned for pictures of nice food and cafes :)
Alright, so I went out with my sister at about 2pm, after fidgeting with my makeup
and hair for quite a while ;)
We decided to go to a cafe in Tanjong Katong, and I swear, I was very surprised
at the designs of the shops and stores there! 

So anyways, on the way to the cafe we planned to go, we saw this!
Have to have this for my 21st birthday!

So after seeing this wonderful sight ;) We went ahead to a confection/cafe called Pavé. The designs of the cafe was so well-coordinated, and they have this amazing blue velvet sofa!

Time for the food! 

Wonderful looking isn't it?

Yes, that's my elder sister at the left.

Time for the interview photos! :)

After the interview, I had my well-deserved KOI!

That's all lovelies!

P.S. Outfit Of The Day will be updated!

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